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300 movie photos

Prepare for glory : "300" photos

It's still one of the hottest Halloween costume idea this year, thanks to the popularity of the 300 movie craze that swept theaters in 2006, and now again in 2014 with the premiere of 300: Rise of an Empire!

While online stores have 300 Spartan costumes available, many of them are pretty pricey or probably already selling out as 300-themed costume and Halloween parties get into full swing...

If you can't locate a prepackaged 300 costume, or if you're on a "spartan" budget, prepare for glory with these expert tips & tricks ...

300 warrior costume do-it-yourself tips :

  • The Shield : Find a round plastic garbage bin cover. On the underside, construct the handle using duct tape. Cover all with gold or silver spray paint.

  • The Spear : Start with a wooden stick or broom handle. To avoid any unnecessary bloodshed whittle one end to a dull (not fine) point. Alternative method: attach a toy rubber dagger to the top of the stick.

  • The Cape : Use a red or maroon blanket or bed sheet. Wool was the material that Spartans used, but any heavy fabric will do just fine for costuming.

  • The Cod Piece : Wear a pair of dark-colored shorts or tapered boxer swim trunks - or a Speedo if you're feeling courageous.

  • Six-pack abs: Perform 300 push-ups everyday from now until Halloween. And then there's always duct tape.

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