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Creating the ideal dormitory room
Tips to help make the transition easier

Student's find simple dorm room supplies can make college housing feel like home.With the school year getting set to start at university and college campuses across the country, Canadian Tire has some tips to help prepare students moving away from home and provide peace of mind for parents preparing to empty their nest.

Furniture and accessories in a dorm room can be sparse so keep that in mind when creating the shopping list. Try researching products online and if possible, plan a visit to the residence first to see what's needed and what will work best.

• Ready-to-assemble desks and book shelves are perfect for students who are moving away and if ordered online, can be sent directly to the student's dorm to avoid loading down the vehicle.

• Adequate lighting is a must for students and dorm lights are not always the best. A desk lamp and extra light bulbs will come in handy.

• Adding small touches like curtains or area rugs can create a cozy 'at home' atmosphere for dorm room decorating..

• Posters and photos are a great way to feel at home in a new room. Two-sided tape minimizes wall damage and is easy to remove and reuse if moving or replacing items.

Houseplants can add color and life to a room.

Stay wired with extra USB hubs
and electrical power cords.

Dorm room kitchen essentials like compact refrigerators, toaster ovens and kettles are ideal for snacks.

• Given the limited appliances in the dormitory bathroom, packing a personal shaver and hair dryer will help ensure students have what they need to get ready.

• A small bucket or plastic caddy is a great way to store and carry toiletries to and from the shower every day.

• A laundry basket makes storing and transporting dirty clothes to the laundry facilities easy.

• Don't forget to pack some extra electrical power bars and extension cords as often old residence rooms have only one outlet.

• Storage towers, under-the-bed totes, plastic crates and hooks are all excellent ways to maximize space while keeping things organized.

Source: News Canada

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