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Why Diesel is the Way to Go

best diesel cars - volkswagon, bmw, mercedes benz
Among diesel car makers, Volkswagen,
Mercedes Benz and BMW are often
considered to be the best in class.

Want to save money, conserve energy and do what's best for the environment at the same time? Then the next time you're in the market for a new car or truck, diesel is the way to go.

Despite all the hype about hybrid cars and electric vehicles, cars and trucks powered by diesel engines are the most fuel-efficient on the market today. They burn 30 percent less fuel than their unleaded counterparts, meaning they get more miles to the gallon.

They are also more powerful. Since they produce higher torque at low engine speeds, drivers have an easier time merging into traffic, accelerating onto the highway, passing slow moving vehicles, pulling trailers and climbing hills.

Diesel engines are also more environmentally friendly, as they produce 25 percent less harmful carbon dioxide emissions.  

"While diesel is still a bit more expensive than the mainstream, diesel cars have become the vehicle of choice among smart auto buyers who recognize that diesel cars are in it for the long haul..."

The strongest demand for diesel engines is in Europe where they account for approximately 42 percent of the passenger vehicle market. But with the price of unleaded gas rising to all time highs in the U.S., there is growing awareness of the advantages that diesel offers here as well.

While diesel is still a bit more expensive than the mainstream, diesel cars have become the vehicle of choice among smart auto buyers who recognize that diesel cars are in it for the long haul. Not only do they provide better gas efficiency, used diesel cars and trucks are traditionally valued at much higher rates than regular cars.

Additionally, the days when diesel engines were the loudest on the road are now long gone. Newer diesel engines purr as quietly as any traditional car.

diesel gas stationJeep, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC and Hummer now offer diesel models of the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs they sell in the United States. But switching over to diesel isn't the only way you can save money on your fuel costs.

"It's also a good idea to look for ways to enhance the efficiency of your diesel engine," says Tom Wicks, manager of product development for Gold Eagle, an industry pioneer in the production and distribution of aftermarket fluids and additives. Here's how he recommends that diesel vehicle owners maintain their engines:

  • Change and clean the air filter regularly. Diesel engines take in a lot of air for combustion, which powers the engine. A plugged or dirty air filter can choke off the air flow to the cylinders, reducing fuel economy and available power.

  • Clean and lubricate the engine's fuel injectors and remove deposits caused by dirt, sand and fuel impurities by adding a fuel system treatment to your tank. Clean injectors mean better combustion, which translates into more power, better fuel efficiency and a longer engine life.

  • Change the oil and oil filter at recommended intervals. Oil is part of the friction reducing, lubricating lifeblood of the engine, and because it can pick up dirt that makes it past the air filter, it needs to be changed often. If it isn't, over time the dirty oil will cause engine wear and reduced fuel economy.

  • Maintain proper tire inflation pressure for the load being carried. Low tire inflation pressure means high rolling resistance and reduced fuel economy. Follow the tire manufacturer's recommendation label, usually located on a sticker placed on the vehicle's door frame.

  • When you need an increase in power for towing, add a bottle of DiselPower! Performance Improver and Cetane Booster to your tank. Diesel fuel with a high cetane number burns quicker after it's injected into the cylinder producing more power and performance from the engine

For more information about the benefits of diesel engines, and where to purchase DieselPower! Products, log on to
Courtesy of ARA Content

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