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Carpools only laneFirst made popular in the U.S. during the serious gas crunch in the 1970's, carpooling has is steadily becoming the smart commuters alternative. Regular fuel shortages, supply crunches and investment speculation all conspire to keep gas prices high.

Green policies, concern with environmental pollution and special lanes for carpoolers to cut through rush hour traffic make ride sharing even more attractive.

Today, carpool arrangements may vary from a casual "...need a ride?" offered by a friend or neighbor - to more structured carpool schedules set up by community organizations, local governments, or major employers.

Save money
From an economical point of view, ride sharing saves more than gas money. Tolls, wear and tear on the car and driver in busy, stop and go rush hour traffic and parking fees all get spread out among the carpool members.

Save time
Pooling expenses between two or more riders is only one of the advantages of daily carpooling to school or work.

Carpooling Tips:

• Decide who will drive and what time to meet for the daily commute.

• Discuss your personal preferences like eating, drinking, radio playing, or smoking in the car.

• Choose a meeting place, either at each other's homes or at a mutually convenient central location.

• Ask if your company offers parking or other incentives for employees who carpool.

Besides the obvious savings in fuel costs, many U.S. states have encouraged carpooling by instituting HOV (high occupancy vehicle) express lanes on highways, to help cut down on commuting time during the morning or evening rush hours.

Setting rules avoids friction
Those who have made carpooling a daily ritual now say they sometimes miss the independence of a personal commuting schedule. Dealing with members who are consistently late can be difficult, but most carpools set strict times and latecomers get left behind. Think of your carpool as a form of mass transit and ask if a bus or train would wait for a delayed passenger. Exceptions can be made in emergencies, but having a strict "on time" policy helps the carpool stay alive.

Save the planet
Carpooling means sharing space and travel based on a group schedule. Savings in time and money may not be worth the trade off to some, but contributions made to the environment such as lessening carbon emissions and the threat of global warming tip the scale in favor of adding passengers to your car trips as often as you can.

Today, for those who wish to join a local carpool the quest has never been easier - with the proliferation of on line communities and databases that allow commuters to search for a convenient ride from home to work, and back again.

More about carpooling around the Web:

Around the Web, find out more about carpooling and its growing popularity along with top sites offering more information on where to find a local carpool in your neighborhood: - Ridesharing - A mini-directory of carpooling resources including information on HOV lanes, "slug lines", tips on successful carpooling, and where to sign up for or start your own carpool. - Register free at one of the more popular carpooling searches online offering a database of carpools in the U.S. and Canada, Mexico and Europe, plus related carpooling tips, FAQ.

Divide the - Where busy families can create their own carpool schedules with other neighborhood moms, dads and kids. Featuring free sign up, online calendar & email alerts.

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