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Is your holiday gift buying list ever increasing with families who live in wired households? Do you have that specific someone whose socks you would like to knock off this holiday season? Then by all means check out our guide to...

Electronics & Gaming Gifts -
Not Just for Kids Anymore
by Tricia Cramer

This year, more adults are expanding their reach into the high tech arena and taking over entire markets in a world where only kids once ruled. Shop around online and you're guaranteed to find amazing electronics gifts and gaming videos available this year as varied as the adults you are buying them for.

Best of all, these gifts will keep on giving all year long.

XM Satellite Radio

Listen to music that moves you - all the time. For those of you who haven't heard - YET - satellite radio is commercial free, with over one hundred channels specific to artist, genre, and decade. It also offers weather, news and traffic all at the push of a button. There is even talk that this new kind of radio will soon replace the need for compact disk players!

XM receiver retailers are offering all kinds of holiday incentives, and because of the new technology the price is right. You can purchase the equipment outright, but you'll need to upkeep the subscription which is as little as $9.99 a month depending on which extras you wish to upgrade to. There is also the option of a five hundred dollar life time subscription fee, which to some may be an option. I suggest looking at the holiday packages that includes use in the home, car, and on the go. Just make sure you buy a receiver and something to mount it to. The boom box appears to be popular right now because of it's portability options.

Video Games

Today, video games have gone so far past Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers - think dandelion vs. the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. I could spend time explaining the higher performance graphics and sound and 32 bit processors, but who cares?

You really need to see it to believe it, and compare the different options offered by the three major game systems on today's market. They include Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3.

While each have their fans, most smart game manufacturers will market their most popular video games in versions that work with all the top systems.

Take The Sims, for example. As one of the growing number of women who are active in video gaming, I am most attracted to Sims which offers the opportunity to manage character's lives as they navigate (with your help) their own virtual world. You can build and re-build, decorate and re-decorate your character's homes, dress and feed them, and even make their kids do homework! The characters have “human” needs and responsibilities, requiring YOU need to keep them on task to fulfilling their dreams. If it sounds complex, it is. For adults, however, Sims provides a great way to unwind from the real world...

Recommended Console and PC Gaming online stores:


TiVo is nifty little invention which is changing the way we watch TV. No more rushing home to see a favorite show. Now you dictate your own prime time.

Hook up this little box and it digitally records shows you watch normally and saves them until it's convenient for you to view them. It can also record whole seasons of your favorites. Finally, create a viewing library by burning complete sets to DVD. Later, save big on buying TV show collections when they emerge into the market. You'll have them already.

There are so many types of families TiVo can be useful for: sports fans can tape every game, siblings can avoid the squabbles over the remote by recording their favorite shows separately and watching them whenever they want. Best of all, you can digitally fast forward through all the commercials! There is a subscription fee which will need to be maintained, and a lifetime membership is available for purchase. This gift comes in many different memory grades and with many different options. It is also something that people might not buy for themselves but would rave about it - a gift the whole family will enjoy, over and over again.


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