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The Father's Day Gift Calendar...
Makes Father's Day Last A Whole Week!

Craft a Father's Day gift based on
the idea of an advent calendar -- for a
week-long Father's Day celebration!


It seems a shame to only celebrate Father's Day for one day when dads spend all year being special. Here's a gift idea that can stretch Father's Day out for a whole week...or more. It's simple, easy to make and fits any budget!

The Father's Day gift calendar is a combination of the old fashioned Advent calendars that many remember from holidays as a child and the Chanukah tradition of giving a gift each day of the holiday.

Starting on Father's Day, dad gets to open a new window on the calendar every day to reveal the surprise gift. Gifts can be simple... a kiss or hugs from each member of the family, a special dessert, an outing to a favorite beach or picnic spot, or anything that will make Dad feel appreciated.

If your Father's Day gift budget can handle more expensive gifts, add gifts tailored to dad's favorite hobby or his favorite things, dinner at his favorite restaurant or even a family trip to a resort where dad can be pampered by the whole family and the staff at the resort too!

To make the calendar you'll need two sheets of paper, non-toxic colored markers, a scissors, some glue, and any decorations you want to put on the front.

  • Divide both sheets of paper into seven boxes - one for each day of the week. Leave about an inch margin on both the right and left sides of one of the pieces of paper. You don't need to leave any space at the top and the bottom.

  • The paper with the left and right margins will be the one that will go on the bottom. Write the Father's day gift for each day in the box - make sure not to write in the margins.

  • Color the boxes on the other piece of paper with markers. If you want to get fancy you can glue stars, pictures or pieces of Father's Day wrapping paper on each box. You can also make a card by writing something to your dad.

  • When you're finished with the decorations, it's time to put your Father's Day Gift Calendar together:

Assembling your Father's Day calendar:

  • Put the piece of paper that you wrote the gifts on face up so you can read what the gifts are.

  • Put the decorated paper on top of it with the decorations showing.

  • Glue the two pieces together - on the right side only.

  • Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry.

  • When the glue is dry enough to handle the papers without them coming apart, cut the top piece so each box is separate. You should have what looks like seven little decorated flags attached to your Father's Day Gift list.

  • Now put some glue in the 1 inch margin on the left side of the bottom sheet. Carefully press the edges of the top sheet down so that they are even. You don't want spaces where the bottom paper will show through. When it're done!

Give dad the Gift Calendar and let him open the first gift on Father's Day. Each day after that he gets to open one more box and gets one more surprise.

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