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Creative Father's Day Gifts...
Three Easy Steps To Great Gift Ideas

Gift BasketEveryone knows that husbands and fathers can be very hard to shop for. That means finding the perfect Father's Day gift can be a real challenge.

The ideal gift should be something personal and meaningful, something your special 'Dad' will actually use.

Sure, a new sports car, dinner in a five star restaurant, or season box seats for a favorite team might be great gifts, but most families are shopping for the perfect gift that will still be within the family budget. That's why aftershave and ties wind up as Father's Day gifts year after year.

This Father's Day, instead of adding to Dad's unused cologne collection, why not give a gift basket or ensemble -- a collection of items based on a theme.

Similar to a Father's Day gift basket, gift ensembles are greater than the sum of their parts. Ensembles make even a few inexpensive items seem like a big deal. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with a collection of gifts perfect for the special Dads on your list. Just follow these simple steps to put together a great gift for Father's Day or any other gift-giving occasion.

Choose a Theme
Make a list of things Dad enjoys. Think of broad categories, not specific items at this point. Consider hobbies, favorite types of books and particular topics of interest.

Is he an outdoorsman? Hunter? Hiker? Biker? Is he a football fan or an athlete? Does he like to barbecue? This list should provide you with a few good ideas for your theme.

Establish a Budget
A great gift doesn't have to cost a lot of money, but there are ways to extend your budget. Try joining forces with your siblings. Tell them you have a great Father's Day gift idea, and make it a group effort. You can either combine budgets or individually purchase items that fit the theme.

Gift buying often falls on Mom, especially when the kids are young. A gift ensemble can help make Father's Day a family project: The kids can help select the theme, and everyone can choose an item they want to include. Each individual gift should be marked with a gift tag so everyone is recognized and nobody feels left out.

Putting it All Together

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Every Father's Day gift ensemble should include a base, something to keep and something to eat. Virtually anything can serve as the base of a gift ensemble. The base should be a useful part of gift, and may be used to hold other items.

For example, a backpack or fishing tackle box would make a great base for an outdoors theme. If none of the items works as a base, don't worry. Simply wrap a large box with gift wrap that compliments your theme. If you choose to wrap the individual items as well, use the same paper. If younger kids are involved, have them decorate the box to match the theme using paint or crayons.

There is generally one item that serves as the centerpiece of the gift ensemble. It is usually the most expensive component, an item meant to last. If what Dad really wants is out of your budget, or if he is just too picky, consider a gift certificate that ties in with your theme. For a Father's Day golfers gift ensemble, you could include a gift certificate from a local pro shop.

Include something to eat that can be enjoyed right away. Again, consider your theme for food ideas, or simply include Dad's favorite snack or one that he does not get every day. Consider pistachios, cashews, imported beer, coffee or a pile of individual servings of salty snacks.

Give Dad the World
Here is an example of a great ensemble gift based on a unique wall mural. The manufacturer, Environmental Graphics, produces high-quality images that apply to the wall just like wallpaper. Whether Dad has roamed the world or is an armchair traveler, this gift ensemble will awaken his inner adventurer..

Pick a country or culture that Dad enjoys and include a travel or photography book on that nation or culture. Include a CD of popular music from the same region. The world keeps changing and so do maps. Purchase Dad an up-to-date world atlas.

Select food items specific to the culture or nation you've chosen. Shop at a specialty market or on the Internet. You could also include a gift certificate to a restaurant serving food indigenous to the region. Include a gift subscription to National Geographic Traveler.

Source... Environmental Graphics - ARA Content
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