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Dads Are Heros -
Important, Influential, Inspiring

Hallmark Father's Day Greeting Cards
Inside: When you turn on the news, you always hear about broken lives and children who could sure use a good example. I wish they would show, just once in a while, a happy home where a father provides guidance, security and love... I'd love to welcome that camera crew in and introduce you to the world as the wonderful man who makes such a difference to this family. Then everyone would know how proud we are of you... and why. Happy Father's Day with so much love and appreciation.

When it comes to the man who was the greatest influence in a woman's life, Dad is No.1, according to research garnered from Hallmark's on-line consumer communities. Members of opinion groups said that Dad instilled values, taught lessons and was the most important man in their lives.

Overall, they referred to him as "hero," and characterized him as "strict, but fair."

A look at today’s Hallmark Father’s Day cards reflects what the panel said. One card says: Dad, all those times when you thought I wasn’t listening… or watching… or caring… I really was.

Another says: When he promises something, you can count on it… he gave me a solid place from which to grow, a foundation that never fails…

The role of dad has broadened.

Some respondents said their dad told them they could be anything they wanted to be and do anything they wanted to do, giving them a sense of independence.

Many female respondents in the Hallmark consumer panel said they had hoped to marry a man like their father, and others described their husbands as having many of the characteristics that they most admired in their dads.

Open communication is reflected in today’s Hallmark cards, as well. An example is the card that says: If you had not been the father you are, I would not be the daughter I am or the woman I’ve become... Because of you I know myself and I am not afraid to follow my dreams… Such messages reflect the kinds of thoughts expressed by the consumer panel toward their fathers or father figures.

father and daughterHallmark's goal is to help people put their feelings into words, according to Ali Nicolle, Father's Day product manager at Hallmark.

"It isn't always easy for people to find the right words," Nicolle says, "but when people see the words on a card, they recognize the feelings as their own. That's why we constantly are in touch with consumers – so we can understand exactly what they want to say."

As one panel member said of her father: "He was my hero, he is my hero and he always will be my hero." Another said: "...The older I get, the more of a hero I realize he was." Yet another said: "My dad! He was the biggest influence in my life."

Such comments suggest that today's consumers continue to share the sentiments of the founder of Father's Day, Sonora Smart Dodd, whose father, a widower and Civil War veteran, was both mother and father to his six children for 21 years.

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