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Nice Degree, But What Have You Done?
Job Hunting Strategies for New Grads

graduation dayRecent grads complain that prospective employers want them to have job experience before they get considered for that great entry level position. They ask "How am I supposed to get job experience if no one will hire me?" It's a good question and there are some good answers.

In today's competitive job market, recent graduates need to demonstrate on their resumes how their college experience yielded more than just a degree.

Work Study and Internships

One simple solution is to work at a part time job or internship while you are still in school. Make sure to ask for letters of recommendation from every supervisor who complements your work habits.

You'd be surprised to learn that many employers care more about your ability to show up every day on time than your previous training in their field. Most jobs want to train you to do things their way, but they need to know that after training you, they will have a reliable employee.

Rethink Volunteer Positions

Non-paid activities also count towards your ability to take responsibility.“Undergraduate students should seek out campus clubs and other organizations that provide opportunities to use and develop leadership, interpersonal, event planning, fund raising and other skills that easily transfer to the workplace,” says Michael Lebeau, M.Ed., assistant director of UAB Career Services.

“Prospective employers also value volunteer activities that offer the chance to gain valuable experience through community service projects and philanthropic efforts. Having these kinds of experiences can make a difference in getting the job you really want.”

Creative Thinking About Life Experience

Job hunting is about matching your skills to an unmet need in the company where you want to work. Focus on what your prospective employer needs and then figure out what you can offer to make life easier for them. If you are young, turn that to your advantage by presenting it as enthusiastic, energetic and eager to learn. Use social media and blog posts to represent your knowledge and showcase your ability to focus on what's important. Chances are that the people who interview you will be following the top blogs in your field. Intelligent posts will get noticed and give you a step up the ladder in the interview process. Reading the blogs will tune you in to the language that the pros in your field speak and make you sound experienced when speaking in the jargon of your profession.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Remember that even though you may never have worked for a Fortune 500 company, you have spent years preparing for the job market.

Polish the parts of what you've done that fit what your prospective employers need in a new hire. Think about what you would look for if you were hiring someone to do the job you want -- and then make sure you broadcast ALL of your experiences that showcase your readiness to step in and get the job done.

Rethink your life from your first school days and turn your tutoring, babysitting and fast food jobs into skill honing experiences. How successful were you at selling raffles and candy bars for fund-raisers? If you were a star, don't be shy. Mention it. Don't brag or fabricate... that's a turn off. Organize the facts so they speak for you.

The housewife who says she is a domestic engineer opens the question of what her responsibilities were. Years of experience scheduling important meetings, leading group discussions to maintain morale and meet goals, team building, arbitrating disputes, liaison between outside agencies and internal projects and so much more!

You may not have vast job experience, but you can list what you have done in terms of how that helped you develop skills you will use in your job... and you can shine!

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