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Quick, Easy Tips for Jazzing Up Your Hairstyle

Hair extensions for a quick makeover Whether you're looking for a fun way to try a new hairstyle for a night on the town or just want a little variety for your day-to-day look, clip-on hair pieces and extensions are the perfect way to add length and volume.

“Clip-ons are the easiest way to quickly change your look and let you try something new and different,” says S J Moore from

Styles range from simple ponytails to elaborate looking up-do styles. And using them couldn't be simpler. For most styles, just slick back your hair, clip on the hairpiece, fluff, and you're ready to go – you'll never have a “bad hair day” again. The clip ons are lightweight and look completely natural.

Clip-ons and hair extensions are a big trend with celebrities, Moore notes. “It gives them that glamorous look without a lot of work.” That's the same reason they appeal to women who want to look their best for a special event – you can look like a movie star without spending hours at the hair salon.

Styling your hair with extensions

Hair extensions allow you to dramatically change your look. Your short to medium length hairstyle can instantly become luxurious shoulder length or longer locks. Styling the extensions is simple, explains Moore. “Extension kits include pieces of various sizes and length to allow you to blend them with your own hair,” he says. “Start with the widest extension, clipping it to the base of your head. Work your way up, layering in your own hair as you go, and placing the narrowest strips around the crown. You get dramatic length and versatility.”

For the largest selection of clip-ons and extensions, your best choice is as close as your computer or smartphone. Many websites offer a wide variety of styles, colors and textures to choose from including online tools to help closely match extensions with your natural hair.

Caring for your hair extensions

Maintaining the color and texture of your new hair extensions is as easy as caring for your own hair. Shampoo and condition as you normally would, then simply air dry. Blow drying might lead to loss of lustre and a brittle texture. Choosing just the right color hair is also important since you should NEVER color your hair extensions due to damage caused by various chemicals in commercial hair dye.

Have fun experimenting and enjoy your new look! To see all the fashionable styles available and for more tips on choosing the right wig, visit

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