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Fun Summer Hair Styles for 2016

2016 summer hair trend
Balayage, the summer color highlight
hit of the summer of 2016, rocked
by actress Jessica Alba.

In short, the bob and the cute pixie cuts continue to be hot looks in 2016 with recent trends veering toward summer shine that ranges from soft and luminous to the summer wet-head look.


Say goodbye to the trend for Ombre hair coloring and say hello to more natural looking ways to add pizzazz to your summer look and add a more gentle switch from light to dark.

If you haven't already, say hello to balayage otherwise known as "vacation hair"! It's a hot trend is predicted to continue to be the big hit of the summer along with its little sister -- "babylights" -- a great way to introduce whisps of highlights and dimension into the hair in a subtle way that looks beautifully natural.

And, while platinum blonde went out of style for a while, it's back in a big way for the summer of 2016. The new "ronze" look (a mixture of copper red and bronze brown) is also stunner rocked by Rihanna and Eva Longoria in the recent past and continues to catch on everywhere.

At Hollywood openings, meanwhile, rainbow hair continues to wow the red carpet -- in colors of pink, blue and lavender along with "opal" colored hair, a luminous mix of all three.


Styles, lengths and cuts were once again all over the place at the Spring-Summer 2016 fashion events -- including retro looks from the 60's 70's and 80's.

For the summer of 2016, forget the traditional short bob and opt for the "wob" - a wavy bob that continues to be THE look for the summer, especially when paired with a wild asymmetrical cut.

wavy bob hairstyle
"Wobs" continued to appear on the
runway and on the red carpet in 2016 .

Milkmaid braids also continue to make a retro comeback along with the enduring popularity of plait hairstyles. Twists, pigtails, as well as miniature plaits were the also rage at spring/summer fashion runways this year.

"Luminosity" was a word often used to describe a high-volume shine, and it was coupled with a tossled, just-got-out-of-bed (or out-all-night) look that redefined SEXY.

Turning it up a notch, the extra-shiny wet look was also everywhere for that "sexy surfer girl" look of the 60's achieved with gobs of gels and mousse.

And pony tails? They were back in a big way and in styles that ranged from low, middle and high, to long ponytails tied with elegant gold ribbons for a summer night out on the town.

Have fun!

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