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Harry Potter And the Half-Blood Prince...
Which Characters Died In Book 6?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...
Which Characters Died In Book 7?

In the land of magic, death is a relative phenomenon. While there are characters who die in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, they may very well still be around for the final action in the next Harry Potter book .

Please do not continue on here if you have not read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This article will tell you who the dies in this book - and it will spoil the suspense and the drama of the revelation as you read the book. As in all of the Harry Potter books, there are many currents flowing together to this spot and knowing the answer to which characters and creatures die misses much of the importance of the deaths in the full story.

If you have no intention of reading the book [we suggest that you change your mind - you're missing some fantastically creative writing and brilliant reading], if you are an "open the book and turn to the last page" sort of reader and don't want to have to wait until nearly the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to have the secret revealed, or if you have already read the book and need someone else's ideas as to why Jo Rowling would create this situation... read on...


There are some losses that are easier to understand than others. Many loyal Harry Potter fans expected one of the Weasleys to die and they were very close. Some of the Weasleys were hurt badly and Bill will probably never fully recover from his wounds, but he will live. Remus Lupin not only survives, he finds love! There were those who thought that Hagrid would not survive the sixth book, but the friendly giant does make it through the battles. Professor McGonagall was a possible victim, but she not only survives, she manages to put her wand to good use in fighting the Death Eaters and assumes new responsibilities at the end of the Half-Blood Prince. Draco Malfoy comes close to facing death, but the bad boy favorite of many fans does manage to both survive and gain some insight. It is doubtful that the knowledge he gathers about himself will make him a better person, but there is always hope...

So who does die in this book?

The giant spider that Hagrid raised, Aragog, is one creature who will not be seen again. In Chapter 22, Harry, Ron and Hermione receive a tear stained note from Hagrid announcing that the acromantula has died. In all honesty, it seems that few besides Hagrid are sorry to see Aragog dead. However, this leaves the giant spider colony without the leader who was friendly to Hagrid and creates a place in the forest where it is not safe for the giant to wander. How the lethal spiders and their precious venom will be used in the last book is a secret only Jo Rowling can answer, but the death did provide Harry and Dumbledore with some much needed information about Voldemort.

The biggest loss should be Albus Dumbledore...the odds on favorite to be killed in this book. He does get murdered. Draco Malfoy is set up by the Dark Lord to try to kill Dumbledore. While Voldemort thinks the boy will be killed in the attempt and He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named will gain even more revenge against the older Malfoy who is still in Azkaban, it doesn't work out that way. In Chapter two, Draco's mother gets Snape to promise - with an unbreakable vow - that he will protect Draco and complete the task if it looks like Malfoy will fail. Why Snape agrees to the unbreakable vow is going to be a matter for much discussion until the next book comes out. The fact that he does means the end of Dumbledore's corporeal existence.

However, if any of you thought that losing Dumbledore was permanent...remember that the headmasters reside in the pictures in the office at Hogwarts. Dumbledore has taken up residence, and with Professor McGonagall as the new head at Hogwarts, it seems likely that the wise mentor will continue to take part in the fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters..

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