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The Art of Decorating Your Child's Room

colorful child's roomDecorating a bedroom together can be a great experience for both parent and child.

While many young children aren't able to appreciate high design, most kids do know what they like in terms of color and shape.

Allowing children to participate in designing their own room helps them express their individuality and experience the creative process.

Begin with basics, like choosing your child's favorite color for the walls, and selecting furniture that is durable, functional and fun, advises Peter Fougerousse, a father of three who is also a principal of Rosenberry Rooms,, an online retailer that specializes in furniture and accessories for children and infants.

Next, step up the personalization with artwork that speaks to your child's interests.

"Art is a great way to help your child put his or her personal stamp on a room," Fougerousse says. "You can also sneak in some educational value, as well."

When choosing artwork with your child, first consider the art's present and future function, he says. "Is it something that you want to grow with your child, or is it just for a nursery?  Are you personalizing for an only child, or does the artwork need to be something your next baby will also enjoy later on?"

For example, decorative tiles that spell out your child's name and wall-hanging growth charts are a great way to personalize a room. Web sites like Rosenberry Rooms offer a variety of styles to satisfy virtually any taste - from your budding ballerina to your future deep sea fisherman. For a more universal effect, consider wall hangings that underscore the room's overall theme.

If your child has a favorite piece of artwork - from a much-loved children's book, for example - you might consider a canvas reproduction. Popular children's visuals are hand reproduced on real canvas and given an easy-to-hang, child-friendly presentation. Reproductions generally cost less than hand-painted originals.

Hand painted artwork, however, is also a great way to personalize a room. Such pieces can incorporate a child's favorite hobby, toy and name to create a truly one-of-a-kind memento.

"Artwork can also be a great educational tool," Fougerousse says. Wall hangings, plaques or framed art that incorporate the ABCs, maps, numbers and nursery rhymes can help stimulate a child's intellect as well as artistic sense.

"The most important thing to remember, though, is to have fun," Fougerousse says. "By making the selection process fun and choosing fun pieces that express your child's personality, you will help him or her lay a lifelong foundation for appreciating art and interior design."

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