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Secrets of Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodeling
Tip No. 1: It's going to get messy
(but it's worth it!)

Upgrading your kitchen is a sure-fire way to increase your home's value. You'll love your new kitchen. Guests will be wowed. Potential buyers may be willing to up their offer based on the beauty of your new kitchen.

But here's the dirty secret of kitchen remodeling: There will be men in your kitchen for a few weeks, sometimes even longer.

Many people who have remodeled their kitchens prefer to forget this secret when they are giving the grand tour of their new space.

This is a necessary evil with kitchen remodels, however, and kitchen contractors tend to be sensitive to how they are upsetting the daily flow. They won't leave you without water or access to your kitchen for days on end.

"If you know what to expect before the contractors step through the door, you will be better equipped to deal with the unavoidable inconveniences of a kitchen remodel," says Craig Smith of, a Web site that helps homeowners connect with prescreened contractors in their area.

Here are a few things you should expect when remodeling your kitchen:

  • If the remodel requires gutting your kitchen, you might be without the use of the room for a week or so. Electricians, plumbers, cabinetmakers, countertop contractors will need to be brought in.

  • Remove all your dishes, silverware, food, spices, and cookware. Put them somewhere far away from the remodel so the kitchen contractors can get to work.

  • If your pets have food or water bowls in the kitchen, move them elsewhere at least seven to 10 days before the renovation begins so that your pets will not wander into the area once work starts.

  • Talk with your contractors. Your kitchen remodeling professional is the last word in advice. He will know exactly what you need to do with your project. These are general guidelines for a typical kitchen remodeling project; the contractor can give you the specifics.

  • Your kitchen remodeler will let you know when your kitchen will be completely out of commission, when it can be used partially, and when it is fully operational, even though they are still working on the cosmetics.

  • For that unavoidable brief period when you kitchen is totally out of commission, try going to a hotel or staying with friends. Kitchen remodels are a big investment, so it may not be the best time to spend more money, but getting away from the chaos can help keep you sane.

  • Another option is planning to eat out during that time. You could also move the microwave and just have microwaveable meals for a few days.

A few final thoughts about kitchen or home remodeling: Keep in mind that you have to make great changes to get what you want. The process doesn't last forever, and the sacrifices you make will result in a better home, great return on your investment, and a better place to cook and entertain. Copyright © ARA Content

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