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10 Tips to Know Before Buying a Rug
A Guide For First Time Rug Buyers

rugsBuying a new rug can be a daunting challenge for first time buyers.

Questions like how large or small, what color to choose, or how a particular design will fit in with the rest of the decor are usually just a few of the basic questioins to take into consideration when shopping for a new rug.

To help in the quest for the perfect rug for your home, follow these 10 expert tips to make shopping easier::

1. Take a photo of the room you're decorating to the rug store. It's easy to get distracted or excited when presented with so many choices. Using an image as reference will keep you on track.

2. If you have trouble visualizing what size rug to choose, before you head to the rug store use tape to lay down on your floor as a guide. You can even use a sheet to help you decide what size rug to buy.

3. Be careful the pattern of the rug doesn't clash with the curtains (consult the room photo that you've brought with you to the store.)

4. If the room is already decorated, use the rug to help pick out one key hue. If you're painting or re-papering a room, a color found in an existing rug can give you inspiration and help bring the room together. Light colored rugs make a room feel bigger. Dark colors create cosiness.

5. With more than one rug in a room, follow these general guidelines: One rug needs to be dominant in size. All rugs should be similar in at least design and color.

6. The back of a rug will tell you if it's machine or handmade. Stiff fibres running straight up and down probably mean it's a machine rug. If the rug 'packages' (crumples easily) this means it's most likely handmade.

7. Padding under the rug is highly recommended for hallways and areas with lots of foot traffic, and will improve the wear and absorb sound. It will also stop the rug from moving.

8. Rug corners can be a tripping hazard. Use a triangle of strong double-sided tape to stop them curling up.

9. Rotate your rugs on a yearly basis to minimize wear and tear to a particular area.

10. If you want to add a rug to a wooden floor, make sure you have at least an eight inch gap around the rug's perimeter that allows for 'wiggle' room for easier positioning.

About The Author...
Drew co-writes A Rug Fantastic

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