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The same water that is fed into the spa is used to  produce  pollution free electricityClose to the city of Reykjavik, but seemingly in a different world, you'll find Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

A bus or car ride takes you to the stone pillar that marks the spot where you leave your vehicle...and the world you know.

As you pass into the lava walled walkway that leads to the blue waters you realize that this is going to a different spa experience than any you've ever had!

You catch glimpses of the bright blue waters that give the spa its name, peeking through the rocky walls as you walk. The water is a stunning neon shade of milky aquamarine. It has been described as "Gatorade Blue" and "Fabric Softener Blue". You'll learn that the color is the result of the same combination of mineral salts, silica and blue-green algae that give this spa water its unique health properties.

waterfall at the Blue Lagoon Spa near Rekjavik, Iceland
The man-made waterfall at
Blue Lagoon Spa provides
an energizing massage.

Mineral salts balance and relax your system, the algae nourish and soften the skin, and white silica mud cleanses and exfoliates.

Those suffering from psoriasis in particular have noticed remarkable improvements from the treatments. This thermal spa is well known throughout the world for its line of Blue Lagoon beauty and bath products produced from the same ingredients found in the waters.

Inside the Blue Lagoon

Showers are required before using the pool, but there are some stalls that allow for privacy. After the shower, there is a short walk to the water (in cold weather you'll move quickly to get into the warmth that the blue thermal pools offer!).

The geothermal seawater is brought up from 2,000 meters, about 6,000 feet, beneath the surface. The water in the spa is kept at between 98 - 102°F / 36 - 39°C and outside bathing is comfortable even in the coldest weather.

Blue Lagoon Spa Waters  near Rekjavik, Iceland
Geothermal seawater is piped directly to the Blue
Lagoon spa where people benefit from the main
active ingredients: mineral salts, silica and algae.

Plan to spend at least an hour soaking up the beneficial minerals in the water, and, as is the custom, rubbing the chalky white silica mud into your skin for a relaxing facial.

If you've worked up an appetite from your very relaxing visit, the Blue Lagoon complex also is home to a very nice restaurant that overlooks the scenic pools.

A travel hint - Many companies offer tour packages from Reykjavik that allow you to take your luggage along and go directly from your hotel to the spa. After relaxing in the warm waters, the same tour bus will whisk you to the the airport to catch your flight.

Buses leave the Blue Lagoon at 14:10 (2:10 PM) which gives you enough time at the airport to clear security, stop in the duty free shop, and still catch a late afternoon flight.

And what a great way to end a memorable trip to Iceland!

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