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Viking Festival celebration in Iceland
The annual Viking celebration in Hafnarfjordur.

Festivals in Iceland are a great excuse for the natives to get together and celebrate outdoors in the warmer weather or indoors during the colder months.

As guests, visitors to Iceland are welcome to join in and enjoy the music, food and fun!

April 24th is the celebration for the beginning of summer in Iceland.
The tourist board explains, "Iceland gets a two-month jump on the rest of the world by officially celebrating summer on April 24th - a national holiday.

The beginning of summer is a joyous occasion after a long, dark winter. Colorful parades and entertainment fill the streets as locals celebrate the season of the never-setting sun."

As the summer heats up in Iceland, local festivities may be centered around a holiday or a regional theme. For instance, Sailor's Day or 'Sjomannadagurinn' is a coastal celebration that traditionally takes place in June. That same month, the famous Hafnarfjordur Viking festival also celebrates the seafaring traditions and history of the country and often provides reenactments of famous battles.

Of course, the hotbed of culture is Reykjavik but you'll find festive gatherings everywhere you go!

Even in winter, December 21 brings the longest night of the year - which in Iceland is a very, very long night! So to dispel the gloom, Chirstmas in Iceland is filled with festive lights in big cities and small shining through the darkest hours of winter. Again on New Year's Eve, Icelanders coast to coast will light up the night with bonfires and spectacular fireworks displays.

In fact, especially during the year-end holiday season don't be surprised if you get invited to someone's home to join in the celebrations!

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