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Jean Carlos Chera - The Early Years

Jean Carlos CheraHe may have had a future as sports idol...but it was really too early to tell.

At 4-foot-6, and weighing all of 77 pounds, Jean Carlos Chera nevertheless wowed the world with a compilation video that went viral on YouTube when he was only nine years old.

Iit was not only Jean Carlo's lightning speed in the videos - he is also seen scoring goals from midfield.) And that reportedly attracted teams from the U.K., Germany, France and Portugal among others.

Youth squad team officials were next fielding calls from far-flung soccer clubs around the globe, and trying to keep the youngster out of the media spotlight for as long as possible.

jean carlos chera
Jean Carlos Chera, age 17

Jean Carlos Chera may have been one of the youngest players to grab the attention from European clubs, but weathered the storm of early attention and now at age 17 has fully matured into a pro.

Most recently, he signed with Brazilian first division team Clube Atlético Paranaense to fulfill his early promise as a European football phenom. Nearing adulthood, Jean already has his own Facebook page and an enduring fan following. Whether or not he returns to the early "glory days", his fame is already assured.


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