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Job Hunting? It's Not What You Know...

Knowing somebody "on the
inside" can often be a fast
track to job hunting success.

It's WHO you get to talk to...

The hunt for a new job, whether it's your first ever or a mid-career change, can be a frustrating experience. Looking for a job in classified newspaper ads or online is a daunting task and job seekers may actually be missing the cream-of-the-crop jobs by relying on these methods.

Many companies promote from within or rely on referrals from current employees. "Most of the best jobs are never advertised," says Michael Lebeau, M.Ed., assistant director of UAB Career Services. "Only about 30 percent are publicized through traditional channels."

So how do you get an interview for a job that's not made public?

Get to know the companies you want to work for

Penetrating the hidden job market may require the applicant to be aggressive and to take the initiative by cold calling, prospecting and networking. Researching the companies where you'd like to work and finding out who runs the department that's the best fit for you is a good start.

Relying on the telephone for making a contact may end your quest at an administartive assistant's desk. Try targeting your resume to the company and sending it with a cover letter that explains why you'd be someone to interview the next time a job opening comes up.

Be creative and persistant. Your goal is to impress a future employer with your ability to get a job done without making a pest out of yourself.

"The trick is to put yourself out there and let everyone know you are actively seeking a job in a particular field. Trust that people will naturally love to help if they can..."

Spread the word

If you know anyone who works at your target company, let them know you are looking for a position there. A successful job hunt may depend on personal contacts, information interviews and referrals. "People very often get jobs through someone they know. Getting to know insiders is an effective way of getting good referrals."

Forget the workplace for a moment, and realize that you may also look to friends and family who might land you a job. Use social media sites like Facebook. Even a casual aquaintance that you know in a local civic or religious organization might have a lead on a job opening you might not have considered. The trick is to put yourself out there and let everyone know you are actively seeking a job in a particular field. Trust that people will naturally love to help if they can.

It's also important to follow-up with interviews you are offered. Every interview is a learning experience, even if the job doesn't seem like an exact fit. And, who knows? The interviewer may have another open position in mind that will be the dream job you've been seeking.

Finally, always remember that networking is a two-way street. If you are asked for help with a job referral always do your best to seek out help for the person who may be in a position to help you someday.

Source for quotations: Newswise

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