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For Fall Fashion - It's Time for Leather

Leather is a natural element for all of fall's many moods and expressions with designers making the most of its versatility, rich textures and upscale appeal. Leather and suede can be played off of vintage tweeds, ethereal chiffons and glamorous satins, but they're also perfectly paired with aerodynamic tech-enhanced fabrics.

Refined coats and topcoats are reinvented in rich shearling. Classic leather blazer and trench styles can be seen in unexpected pale shades and ultra-bright tones. Gutsy racing and motorcycle styles emerge in new guises from sporty to sophisticated.

Leather coats and jackets - for Fall!
Today's leather fashions come in all styles, shapes, colors, and attitudes!

From motorcycle looks with attitude to refined looks with a new tailored sensibility, leather looks offer versatility and fashion savvy for everyone's fall wardrobe.

Tips & tricks to caring for leather and suede

Before choosing the right look for you, it's always smart to learn more about caring for your fine leather and suede garments.

Compared to other materials, all-natural suede and leather requires special care, but that doesn't mean they require spending a small fortune on dry cleaning bills to maintain their bright, fresh appearance.

leather jacket detailFor instance, did you know that leather can be ironed? It's true. When unpacking after a long trip, you might find that leather can wrinkle like any other garment. Simply place a brown paper bag over the material, and iron at the lowest setting to get every wrinkle out.

Help maintain the natural color of leather and suede by keeping garments away from body oils that, over time, may darken their appearance - especially around the neckline. A common solution? Wear a fashionable scarf or turtleneck sweater to enhance your cool weather look, while also protecting the collar from discoloration.

In addition, always keep leather and suede garments away from hairsprays, perfumes, or any other chemical substances that over time will contribute to color darkening, drying and cracking,

That said, another major cause of drying and cracking of leather garments is the way they are stored when not in use, Leather and suede should always be stored away from strong sunlight, and kept in a porous cloth or nylon (never plastic) garment bag that allows the material to breathe.

Overall, keep in mind that leather and suede are living materials that, with a little tender loving care, will provide you with years of fashionable wear that never goes out of style.

Source: ARA Content and The Leather Apparel Association

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