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Tips to Make Your New Year's Eve Party Memorable

New Year's Party Ideas

New Year's Eve parties are a fun and festive way for friends, family and co-workers to get together and enjoy some good food, good drink and good company as you welcome the new year. Each holiday season, the first few parties are always a novelty, but by New Year's Eve, some people may start suffering from holiday party fatigue.

With the many parties being thrown this holiday season, here are some tips and easy things you can do to help make your New Year's Eve gathering unique, memorable and run as smoothly as possible.

• Develop a seating plan for dinner so guests can sit with people that they don't always get to talk with or know very well. This will help keep conversations flowing throughout the night.

• Once everyone has arrived, take a digital photo of the entire group. You can then print out the picture on a photo printer, then give each guest a copy of the picture as a memento when they leave.

• Create a themed signature drink that can be pre-made and handed out to guests as the walk in the door. It can be something festive to reflect the holidays like the Happy New Year cocktail or the Resolution Martini.

• Have an Open house! Have a casual gathering where friends are invited to simply "drop by." Stagger the arrival of guests so that you don't have to entertain too many people at one time.

• Food. Avoid wearing yourself out with cooking. Have plenty of finger foods, make ahead dishes, or serve foods that are eaten at room temperature and can stay out for the whole party.

• Space. Have lots of space for people to mingle, and plenty of places where guests can sit and relax. If you plan to ring in the New Year in front of the TV, also be sure to have plenty of chairs or comfy floor pillows where guests can sit.

• Atmosphere. Your party should be festive, enjoyable and relaxing. Play your favorite holiday music and spend time with your guests rather than stressing over little details.

New Year's Eve Party IdeasShoana Jensen, professional bartender, offers the following easy steps that accommodate most drink requests from guests, while offering two or three specialty cocktails that tie in with the holiday theme.

• Take stock and make a shopping list of what you need.

• Stock a selection of red and white wine, beer and premium spirits.

• Have a good assortment of mixes and garnishes, such as soda water, pop, juices, fresh limes, cocktail olives, maraschino cherries and lots of ice.

• Don't forget the right accessories including martini shaker and strainer, measured shot glasses, corkscrew, a variety of tall and martini glasses, cocktail sticks and a paring knife for cutting garnishes.

• Make a pitcher of pre-made drinks in advance, or put out a champagne punch bowl that guests can serve themselves. Slightly reducing the amount of alcohol in the first round of drinks ensures that your party will get off to an easy pace. Responsible serving is the key to a safe and enjoyable time.

• Have Fun. The best parties are when the host has as much fun as the guests, so plan ahead and let yourself have a good time!

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