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Olympic Dessert Recipe!
Olympic rings

This year you are bound to be invited to at least one Olympic themed party. It is always nice to bring something to any get together. For this particular theme, something easy to make and that is of relatively low cost is the Olympic Rings Cookie Cake!

Olympic ring cookie cakeIngredients:

1 roll of prepared cookie dough (any brand will do)

1 container vanilla frosting

1 large bag of M&M's (any variation)

10-20 black jelly beans


1. Separate the red, blue, green, and yellow M&M's and the black jelly beans into their own bowls. Set aside for later.

2. Flatten the cookie dough, and mold cookie dough on a cookie sheet into the shape of the Olympic rings (3 circles on top, 2 circles on the bottom.) Bake the cookie dough in the oven according to the directions on the dough wrapper.

3. If the shape of the rings has somehow metamorphosed in the baking process, while the cookie is still warm, trim the rings back to the desired proportion. Once the cookie rings are cooled off, frost them completely with the vanilla frosting. Be generous so that the M&M's and jelly beans have something to sink into.

4. The colors of the rings are blue, black, and red across the top and yellow and green on the bottom. When it is finished you will have a replica of the Olympic rings for your Olympic party.


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