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For Your Next Party Serve The Best
Tasting Snack Food!

Chef's Best Snack FoodsThe debate may be hot over which team is going to take home the top ranking in the NBA playoffs, but the winners are already declared for the best tasting snack foods to serve at your basketball party.

The taste masters at the American Culinary ChefsBest recently taste-tested the most popular snack food categories, and there's more to nibble on than popcorn...


Best Taste Winner
judged but
not ranked
Potato Chips

Original, BBQ
Sour Cream & Onion
Lay's • Old Dutch
• Utz
• Herr's • Wise
• Jay's
Kettle Chips
Original, BBQ
Salt & Vinegar
Lay's • Kettle    
Potato Crisps
Ranch, Pizza,
Salt & Vinegar
Stax • Pringles • Cape Cod  
Corn Chips
Fritos • Bugles    
Tortilla Chips
White and
Yellow Corn
Santitas • Doritos • Mission
• El Sabroso
• RW Garcia
• Tostitos
• On the Border
Low Carb
Tortilla Chips

and Cheese
RW Garcia • Doritos
• Tostitos
• Carb Fit
• Atkins
• Genisoy
• Keto
• Kjali
• Carbsense



AvoClassic • Avo-King
  • Calvo Original
• Calvo Mild
• Litehouse,
• Kraft
• Marie's,
• Dean's

Pork Rinds

Mac's Snacks • Rudolph's • Mission
• Baken-ets
• El Mexicano
Cheese Sticks
Banquet   • T.G.I. Friday's • Farm Rich
• Poppers

American Culinary ChefsBest™ (ACC) is the independent judging organization that recognizes and honors the best products in America. ACC's competitive set for judging includes only leading national brands.

Judging Methodology

ACC's extensive judging of food products follows a disciplined and analytical methodology; the process includes judging food and food-related categories using standard industry data that defines categories, procuring products as consumers would through the grocery store, evaluating products through sensory certified and blind testing procedures, and determining a winner by identifying a significant statistical difference. The taste judging of products are conducted using professional, independent chefs, all certified as master tasters.

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