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Drawing on Science
How your interest in both subjects can lead to
a successful and satisfying illustration career

science illustration - planet jupiterWhat is scientific illustration?

Scientific illustration is a specialized niche within the illustration field which, like the name implies, calls upon the artist to accurately render specific information about a subject.

Projects may vary widely in subject matter - including anything from charts and diagrams - to illustrating speculative scientific theories describing neutrinos, far-flung planetary systems, or black holes.

Since no other qualification is necessary to enter the field except drawing talent, if you already have a degree in illustration or are planning to receive one, you're well on the way to meeting the professional requirements.

Are there any other requirements necessary?

science illustration - anatomy, microbes, deep space
Science illustration encompasses everything from detailed human anatomy, to
depictions of microscopic bacteria and the farthest reaches of deep space.

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators is a good place to start talking with professionals in the field. As with any freelance career, networking is key to finding the plum jobs and learning more about your chosen field.

That, plus a strong portfolio of scientific illustrations plus good communication skills for dealing with scientific authors, editors or publishers.

More about science illustration around the Web:

Click on the links below for more resources for scientific illustration:

International Association of Astronomical Artists

American Society of Botanical Artists

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