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Sideways, The Virtual Wine Tour

Sideways Official Movie SiteA movie hasn't sparked this much popular interest in wine since Luc and Kate (Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan) took over the French family estate in French Kiss!

While that film was shot entirely in France -- in and around the Val Joanis vineyards in 1995 -- Sideways gave wine an entirely American spin almost a decade later.

Sinee then, Sideways, starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church, has spawned a booming tourism industry in Santa Barbara with interest in tours and tastings at featured wineries that appear in the Oscar-nominated comedy film.

For the complete picture check out Santa's complete Sideways wine tour map that you can print out and carry along to follow the same route taken by Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church) on their wine tasting road trip.

Meanwhile, here's a taste of what you'll find along the real-life wine trail in California, taken by our wine-lover heroes on their way to self-discovery, and great wine.

Have fun!

Sideways wine tasting at Sanford WinerySanford Winery - "And, ah, there's just, like, the faintest soupcon of, like, asparagus. And there's just a flutter of, like, a nutty Edam cheese." [ More Sideways quotes ]

Firestone VineyardFirestone Vineyard - Miles, Jack, Maya and Stephanie steal away from the wine lecture to take a romantic stroll through the Barrel Room...

Fess Parker Winery & VineyardFess Parker Winery & Vineyard
- During a phone call at the wine tasting festival, Miles finds out his book deal has fallen through and later guzzles wine from the spit bucket.

Foxen Vineyard
- Miles and Jack help themselves to full glasses of wine when the tasting pourer turns her back.

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