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Writer's Submission Guidelines welcomes submissions from freelance writers and other contributors who can add content relevant to the subjects covered in the Directory. Most of the articles and content in the directory are created in house, but many excellent features have been added by our readers. If an article is accepted for publication, we will provide a link back to your site and a short bio with credit to you for the submission.

We are NOT currently accepting articles already published online.

Please review the types of articles we feature. We will not accept bulk submissions. We will not publish articles that appear on multiple sites.

We prefer short articles. More than 500 words tends to be too difficult to read online. We also are looking for general information that appeals to a wide audience. We have an international base of visitors. About half of our readers come from the USA, 8 percent live in Canada and smaller percentages are from the EU, England, Australia, Indochina and other areas world wide.

Seasonal information is more likely to catch our attention as are articles that fit well with sections of the directory. For instance, articles which focus on Mother's Day, other late spring & summer holiday topics as well as travel and sports articles relevant to the season are currently being added. We prefer evergreen features, these are articles that age well, are general in nature and will provide good information to readers who find them in the archives even a year or two after publication.

As stated, we do write most of the articles in house. We also receive hundreds of submissions. While we review each piece submitted, we do not notify authors unless the article is chosen for publication. It may seem rude, but it is necessary to save the sanity of the editorial staff!

Please do not take our lack of response as a comment on your writing talents. Many fine articles just do not fit our editorial needs or the medium. Writing online content is very different than writing for traditional print media.

We ask that you include a short bio with a link back to your site. If your article is added to our features, we will include a live link back to your Web site. The Directory does not link to sites that use pop-ups or intrusive advertising. If your site uses these ad formats we will not be able to include any link with the article.

Due to the SEO push to add articles to thousands of sites as a search engine optimization technique, we were forced to temporarily suspend accepting articles for review. The search engines have adjusted their results to reflect this newest spam technique and we can go back to business as usual. Please do not submit any articles to that would be considered duplicate content. Duplicate content is an article that appears elsewhere online or is very similar to any other article that is already available online. These submissions will not be added to the directory and will just be deleted. If you would like to submit an original article, please use the contact form.


Thank you for your interest in the Directory


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