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Thanksgiving By the Numbers
Thanksgiving trivia & fun facts to amaze everybody...

  • Where can you find the most turkeys in the U.S.?
    (Washington, D. C. is NOT the right answer. These are different kinds of turkeys!)

  • Where do most of the cranberries in your sauce come from ... (and it's not Massachusetts)?

  • And how many people can claim Turkey, U.S.A. as their hometown?

    Here they are, the fun facts by the numbers :

$1.58 is the average cost per pound in of a frozen whole turkey.

3 is the number of places nationwide named after the holiday's tasty gobbler. Turkey, Texas, is the most populous, with 496 residents; followed by Turkey Creek, La. (357); and Turkey, N.C. (267). There also are 16 townships around the country named "Turkey," three of them in Kansas.

Cranberry, USA8 is the number of places and townships in the U.S. of A. that are named "Cranberry" or some variation of the name (e.g., Cranbury, New Jersey)

20 is the number of places in the United States named Plymouth, as in Plymouth Rock, legendary location of the first Thanksgiving. Plymouth, Minnesota is the most populous, with 65,894 residents in 2000. Plymouth, Massachusetts had 51,701.

16.4 pounds is the amount of turkey consumed by the typical American each year -- no doubt a good bit of it at Thanksgiving time.

250 million is the estimated number of of turkeys raised in the United States in 2012, up a couple of percentage points from 2011. The turkeys produced in 2012 weighed 5.9 billion pounds altogether and were valued at $4.9 billion. And that's a lot of turkey!

46.5 million is the estimated of the number of turkeys Minnesota raised in 2011. The Gopher State is tops in turkey production. It is followed by Arkansas (30 million), North Carolina (30 million) Missouri (18 million) ,Virginia 17.5 million),and Indiana (16 million).

Pumpkin pieIllinois leads U.S. pumpkin production -- followed by California, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York.

700 million pounds was the forecast for U.S. cranberry production in 2012, with Wisconsin leading all states in the production of cranberries at 400 million pounds, followed by Massachusetts (200 million). New Jersey (54 million) and Washington State (1.4 million).

457 million pounds is the record held by Illinois for total U.S. pumpkin production — followed by California, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York which produced at least 70 million pounds worth.

2.6 billion pounds is the total weight of sweet potatoes — another popular Thanksgiving side dish — produced by major sweet potato producing states in 2012. North Carolina (1.2 billion pounds) produced more sweet potatoes than any other state, followed by California, Mississippi and Louisiana.

14 million is the total number of Americans who were too daunted to prepare Thanksgiving dinner (you're not alone!) and who planned to visit a local restaurant for the holiday in 2012. An additional 16 million ordered out for at least part of their Thanksgiving feast.Thanksgiving fun facts

...with thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service, The National Restaurant Association, U.S. import and export trade reports, and the U.S. Census and the Statistical Abstract of the United States.



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