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Wedding Anniversary Gifts:
Wines & Champagne

Wines and champagne make special anniversary gifts if a bit of thought goes into the selection...

Make sure you know the favorite wines or champagnes of the anniversary couple. Do they prefer red or white wines? Do they like sweet or dry wines? Once you have those facts you can make you selection...

For one of the first few anniversaries, if you plan ahead, you can get a bottle of the wine or champagne served at the wedding. This will be a great gift since the couple probably were so busy that they didn't get to enjoy their wine selection at the reception. The thoughtfulness that goes into this gift will be appreciated when they do get to share a glass of their wedding wine, or their wedding champagne, without having to stop for the wedding's social obligations.

If the wine served at the wedding is not one that ages well, you can substitute another wine with the vintage year matching the wedding date. If the couple was married in 1975, you may be looking for a very expensive gift. Wines that age well enough to last that many years in storage are generally expensive and they get more expensive each year. Unless you are very friendly with a collector, or collect wines yourself, you'll probably want to find other alternatives for your anniversary wine gift.

champagne toast
Wine glasses, champagne flutes,
ice buckets, corkscrews, and
other wine accessories make
great wedding anniversary gifts.

Another anniversary gift option for a couple who have been married more than a few years is to give a more recent vintage of the wedding wine or champagne. For instance, if the wedding reception guests toasted the anniversary couple with a Mumm, Moët & Chandon, Roederer or Taittinger's in 1975, stop by your local wine shop or go online to pick up a modern day version.

You can do the same for wines... if Bordeaux, Merlot or Reisling was the drink of the evening, a nice recent vintage with a note reminding the anniversary couple that you remember the wedding day is a gift that will be a winner.

If no one can remember what wines were served to the wedding guests, there is another way to make an anniversary gift of wine stand out. Create a special label for the gift.

There are many places on line that will print individualized labels for wine bottles for special occasions, but you can make your own. You'll need a picture of the couple, scissors, paper, glue and a pen. If you want to get fancy, you can add some flowers or other small illustrations from magazines to the mix. Put it together and glue it to the bottle. Don't forget to add the wine info as well so they know what type of wine it is, unless they enjoy guessing!

Find out where the anniversary couple spent their honeymoon and which are the best wines from that area. There are wineries all over the world, so even if they honeymooned in a place that you don't associate with wine, you can still find a winery or two to provide local wines.

If none of these wine gift ideas appeal to you, there are an amazing variety of wine accessories that make great anniversary gifts for any couple who enjoy wine. Goblets or wine glasses for toasting can be engraved with the wedding date or the couple's names for a different and special anniversary gift. Fancy corkscrews and wine bottle stoppers, wine racks and coolers, wine tasting kits and lots of other different and useful items for the wine drinker make great gifts as well. Just make sure that you get the date right and the rest is easy!


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