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Wine Gift Idea -- Give a Wine Experience

relaxing with a glass of wineA nice bottle of wine - it's long been the gift of choice for nearly any occasion, from your first visit to a friend's home to the grown-up gift you give to a friend or relative on a special day.

But wine as a gift is evolving, thanks to America's continued interest in all things "viticultural." Wine classes, wine clubs and wine accessories are all part of the growing trend to give a "wine experience" as a gift.

"A wine experience makes a great gift because it can suit all levels of wine knowledge, from absolute beginner to true connoisseur," says Bruce Boring, co-founder of the California Wine Club.

"Wine is the essence ofgrown-up enjoyment. It can be exciting or relaxing, stimulating or,soothing, simple or intricate. A wine experience allows the recipient to savor that variety of pleasures and learn something new about wine at the same time."

If you're looking for a unique gift – that won't be returned or regifted – for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any special occasion, here are some ideas for giving a wine experience:

Consider a Class

"Wine education has boomed over the past two decades," Boring says. "It's now easy to find a class that meets your learning needs, caters to your level of knowledge and fits into your schedule."

A wine class can be a simple one-time tasting event offered by your area wine shop, to a multi-week course taught by an expert at the local community college. Check out the events pages of your newspaper, or visit a college or wine shop's Web site to learn what's available in your area.


A corkscrew and wine glass may be the basic accessories required for wine enjoyment, but gift-givers will find a wealth of variety in wine accessories. Know a true connoisseur? Consider high-end crystal wine glasses or a professional taster's set. A portable wine cellar could be ideal for the budding collector on your list. Or, for the more practical wine lover, who simply wants to enjoy a chilled glass with his meal, opt for a wine bucket that rapid-chills a bottle of wine.

Send them on a Trip

Vineyards, resorts, hotels and travel agencies offer a multitude of travel packages to California's wine country. Hotels and resorts across the country also offer wine tasting weekends and overnight packages. Web sites such as and offer information on wine destinations and travel opportunities.

Join a Club

"A wine club allows you to sample a range of wines you probably wouldn't be able to find locally on your own, and ensures you'll be tasting quality wines, " says Boring, who, along with his wife Pam, founded the California Wine Club in 1990.

"The joy of a wine experience lingers long after the bottles have been emptied," Boring says.

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About The Author...
Bruce Boring and his wife Pam founded the California Wine Club in 1990. The club spotlights wines produced by small, family wineries in California, and the Borings sample and hand-select every wine featured.

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