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Sony Building, New York City
Mixing modern and classical elements,
Phillip Johnson's AT&T (Sony) Building
sported a classic broken pediment in
that signaled a break with modern
midtown Manhattan in 1984.

Ranging from suburban homes and neighborhood schools to the world's highest skyscrapers, architecture is all around us.

Whether we know it or not, architecture has an inherent ability to evoke strong feelings - especially regarding the ways in which buildings either add or detract to our environment.

Although primarily a visual experience, architecture in practice also involves touch, smell, hearing, as well as a general sense of how our bodies move from room to room throughout an architectural space.

Buildings in their size and design can confuse us, make us feel right at home, give us a sense of calm, or make us feel small and insignificant.

World great archiecture
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Today, from the steel-and glass-box of the 1960's there has emerged the addition of splashes of color, stone or other natural materials, or rounded edges that - if not necessarily built on a more human scale - at least remain more appealing to the heart and spirit.

Just up ahead, learn more about the art and science of architecture at expert sites offering facts, information and photos on the history and styles of architecture, as well as top resources for students and professional architects:

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Architects Go Green

Sustainable architecture

Greenhouse gases are reduced, but on a practical level, the lower costs of maintaining a green building earn smiles from even the most practical of building owners. Reducing energy and water costs can be just as fulfilling as saving the planet if your job relies on greening the bottom line. If architects, building and home owners can save money while producing healthier buildings, it's a true win-win situation .....

The Architect as Artist: Frank O. Gehry

Frank Gehry

Great architects have often existed in the center of controversy. Frank Gehry is no exception, but the awards he has gathered argue strongly for his vision. Widely recognized as one of the most accomplished and inventive architects practicing today, Frank Gehry earned his own show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA......

Where in the World Is the Largest Gothic Cathedral?

The Largest Cathedral

The debate rages with many proud towns and cities standing in line for the coveted title of the home of the largest Gothic cathedral. Some claim the tallest spire, others the most space, but there does seem to be an overall winner. See if you guessed right and check out the top ten contenders for bragging rights...


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