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architectural drawing toolsArchitecture is how humans leave their mark on history, The ruins of ancient civilizations both inform and inspire the architects of today. The environment we create around us today will tell future people who we were and how we lived.

New materials add to the forms that can be achieved and earth friendly building design alter the impact that buildings have on the resources we treasure.

Yet the true birth of architecture is still in the mind of the one who dreams of building towers to the skies. Still striving to make their tower the best, most durable, most beautiful and most breath taking monument to humanity, architects look back to the annals of architectural history and forward to what friends and competitors are building and drawing.

You don't need to have the desire to change careers to be interested in what an architect does. Appreciating the beauty of a cathedral or a city scape filled with gleaming buildings reflecting the sky is enjoying architecture. Maybe you just want to be able to tell Gothic from Neoclassical from Art Deco.

Learning about the buildings that dot the landscapes we live in is fun. Learning about the way we shape our world is enriching. That's really a good enough reason to be interested in architecture.

Around the Web, dive into a great introduction to the field of architecture including historical timelines and architectural masterpieces, along with detailed educational resources, drawings, images & photos from prehistoric to post-modern ....

The Great Buildings Collection - Great site, too. With thousands of buildings worldwide documented through photos, 3D models, architectural drawings, links and more. Easily searchable, or click into the three main sections: Buildings | Architects | Places. - Architecture on the Web - Unassuming site that easily leads you step-by-step into the riches of architectural info available on the Web, occasionally accented by great eye candy to keep you clicking. In English and Italian.

Digital Imaging Project - A one-woman organizational feat, with thanks to Professor Mary Ann Sullivan at Bluffton College, Ohio, for a megasite of more than 8,000 images, covering prehistoric to post-modern architecture, with emphasis on sculpture and architectural ornamentation, most with descriptive captions.


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