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What is an architectural style?

Explained simply, it is usually described as an artistic expression by architects that proved popular and appealing to a society living at a point in time in architectural history.

If you add several other factors - such as the type of society in which architects designed (agricultural or urban?) engineering feats (like the flying buttress of the Gothic period) or important historic technological advances (say, the elevator) and the whole history of the world might be told through its building design.

Examples of major architectural styles

Parthenon, Athens
Notre Dame, Paris
Notre Dame
Duomo, Florence
Duomo, Florence
Monticello, VA
Seagram Building
Seagram Building NYC
Sony Building
Sony Building NYC

Around the Web, take a trip back in time...zeroing in on advances in architectural design, form and function through the ages -- ranging from European, Asian and Indian architecture, to Baroque and British Victorian, including with an inevitable look up at the modern skyscraper ...

More about architectural styles around the Web:


Ancient Greek Art & Architecture - Check out this brief introduction to Greek architectural orders including links to major sites covering the topic in more comprehensive detail.

Ancient Roman Architecture - Great Buildings Online - Browse an extensive catalog of illustrated examples covering Roman temple and civic architecture with related links and resources.

Netserf: Architecture - Check out top resources for medieval and Gothic architecture, plus related sites in categories including abbeys and monasteries, architectural sculpture, castles, cathedrals and churches, cities and towns.

Architecture - The Art of Asia - Visit the cyber exhibit from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with virtual tours of historic Japanese and Chinese rooms in their collection, along with more on Indian religious architecture, online educational videos.

Ancient Indian Architecture - Get the grand overview of highlights from the history of royal and religious Indian architecture with related resources focusing on Hindu temples, Mughal, Indo-Saracenic and Indo-Islamic architecture.

Triumph of the Baroque - Go on a complete tour of religious, commercial, military and civic architecture of the period from the archived exhibit at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. Highly recommended.

Victorian Architecture - In-depth look at the style from the Victorian Web, with historic examples, architects' bios, bibliography, and links to further resources.

World's Tallest Buildings - Top 200 - Find a mile-high mountain of data together with lists of the world's tallest including images, facts, and profiles of individual designers.

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