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learning technical drawingDreaming of being the architect who designs the next 'world's tallest skyscraper'? Want to join the revolution in green building of housing or working spaces?

The first steps to reach that goal are into classes that teach the skills architects need in order to get the ideas in their heads transformed into solid form.

Math, drawing skills, a background in architectural history, and understanding of modern computer assisted design (CAD/CAM) programs are just part of the list that it takes to become an architect. Psychology and group dynamics are important to design a space that is both practical as well as a sight to behold. Sociology comes into play, too. Each structure reflects the culture of the people who will us it.

It takes years of work at a firm before you advance to designing anything. Those years are spent drafting other people's ideas and working as a team to get jobs finished..."

That said, architectural training is not for everyone. The prize winners may be household names, but many license architects spend most of their careers drawing grain silos or floor plans for apartment renovations.

Reality check? It takes years of work at a firm before you advance to designing anything. Those years are spent drafting other people's ideas and working as a team to get jobs finished.

Design is only a small part of a thriving architectural career, a large part of which will be taken up with technical drawings, managing clients, and coordinating projects through to completion. Training in the field usually entails working closely with building contractors on construction sites, supplementing your education with a good understanding of the reality of what works — and what doesn't — in making a functional building.

If you think you have the determination to put in the time and the patience to wait for your opportunity to go for the prizes you have a chance to succeed. Now all you need is to be gifted in math and drawing, have a good understanding of the physics involved with why things stay up (and why they fall down), and be extremely detail oriented and good with people. Remember that clients pay the bills and rude architects don't usually attract a large clientele. For those who muddle through, this field can enriching and financially rewarding.

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