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The place to start for a worldwide cache of information on art history from prehistoric cave painting to contemporary art ....

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Realism & The Renaissance

Renaissance Art

Painters began using new techniques in perspective, and for the first time rendered the world in three dimensions. They also began employing more deft brushwork that more than ever realistically contrasted the play between natural light and shadow...

Glasgow: A Scottish Gem

Art Museums in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of Europe’s most important cultural centres, a heady mix of grand Victorian and sensuous art nouveau, and wonderful museums, galleries and concert halls - plus a medieval cathedral, stunning contemporary buildings, and a plethora of fine Victorian edifices...

A New Deal for the Arts: The Activists

Depression era photography

Their images of rural and urban poverty laid bare the exploitation of farm workers, uncovered poor living conditions in tenements, and put a human face on the Depression. Their photographs remain some of the most compelling visual documents of the era...


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