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buddhaRanging from China, Japan and Korea, along with stops in Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan and India -- Asian art encompasses dozens of cultures and thousands of years of history.

That said, this wealth of art treasure can be subdivided into many categories, a number of which qualify under 'the name of 'art' including household items (made of bronze and jade), decorative calligraphy, and even oriental rugs.

Like its Western art, Asian art reached its pinnacle under the largesse of royal households which commissioned works only from the best local artists of the time. In other cases, such as the Japanese Edo Period, (1658-1868) a long lasting period of economic stability gave rise to a new class of art patron found among the general populace.

One of the more famous eras in Chinese art history include the Sung Dynasty (960-1179) from which emerged a startling, new vision of the natural world seen in birds, animals and, most notably, intimately detailed Chinese landscapes. Another is the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) which was responsible for the incredibly opulent construction of the Forbidden City, today comprising nearly a million art treasures spanning five centuries.

Snow Plums and Twin Cranes, Ming Dynasty, China
Snow Plums and Twin Cranes, Early Ming Dynasty.
The Great Wave, Edo Period, Japan
The Great Wave, Edo Period, Japan
woodblock print circa 1830.
Buddha and Two Disciples, Thailand
Buddha and Two
, 19th
century Thailand.

Finally, no survey of Asian art would be complete without a nod to the proliferation of Buddhist art which traveled from India to China, Japan, South Korea, and then Southeast Asia beginning in the 3rd century BC. Today, the religious movement continues to foster art and sculpture of the iconic Buddha that is as varied and complex as the civilizations that produce it.

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