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Just up ahead, top Web resources provide a comprehensive look at European art with a survey of online collections offering the history of ancient, medieval, Renaissance and modern art in text and pictures...

Notable examples of European art from ancient Greece to postmodern

The Son of Man, Magritte
The Son of Man,
Rene Magritte, 1964.
Painter and Model, Picasso
Painter and Model,
Pablo Picasso, 1928
L`Estaque, Paul Cezanne, 1885
Paul Cezanne, 1885.
The Women of Algiers, Delacroix
The Women of Algiers,
Eugene Delacroix, 1834.
Daniel in the Lions Den, Reubens
Daniel in the Lion's Den,
Peter Paul Rubens, 1616.
Mona Lisa, da Vinci
Detail from Mona Lisa,
Leonardo da Vinci, 1506
medieval rose window
Rose window, Notre Dame
Cathedral Paris, ca. 1250
Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii c. 50 B.C
Villa of the Mysteries,
Pompeii c. 50 B.C
European art gallery
Frieze from the treasury
of Siphnos, 525 BC.

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More about European art history around the Web:

Web Gallery of Art - Our highest rating goes to this, the premier site for European art and sculpture, with an easily searchable database of historic proportions.

Renaissance - Symmetry, Shape, Size - Part of an Annenberg CPG Exhibit with a brief overview of art, music and architecture of the period. The links to further study are what make this site worth the trip.

Art Gallery - Christus Rex - The Vatican collection.

Digital Archive of Art - Extensive galleries of Romantic on up to 20th century art and sculpture, courtesy of Professor Jeffrey Howe of Boston College.

WebMuseum - An eclectic offering of Paul Cezanne, medieval illumination, together with views to great masterworks from Gothic to the 20th century plus a side trip to Japanese art and architecture.

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