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Easter IslandOceanic art is a sweeping category of art history encompasing the creative heritage of the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand, including areas as far apart as Hawaii and Easter Island.

One of the more notable among the varied cultures and traditions of Oceanic art (dating as far back as 50,000 years) is the rock art of Australian Aborigines, arguably one of the world's oldest examples of prehistoric artwork.

More widely famous examples of Oceanic art include the monolithic statues of Easter Island, as well as the tribal art of New Guinea that were used in religious rites and fertility rituals. As is often the case with indigenous expression, the vast majority of ancient Oceanic art would not be viewed as 'art' by its creators. More likely they were considered vital tools of war, as a physical portal to the spiritual world, or for sheer personal adornment.

Today, various forms of Oceanic art are in vogue once again as the popularity of the living art of Polynesian tribal tattooing spreads worldwide, coupled with a renewed interest eye-catching Australian aboriginal dot painting.

Easter Island statue
Easter Island "moais" sculpture,
circa 1000 AD.
aboriginal mask
Australian aboriginal mourning
mask, 19th century.
maori feather cape
Maori feather cape, 19th century.

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