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belly button piercingThe history of body piercing dates back to the ancient Egyptians who considered ear and navel piercings a mark of royalty.

Roman centurions were known to wear nipple rings as a badge of macho courage. In India, women have been wearing delicate nose rings as fashionable jewelry since the 16th century.

Today, body piercings in the Western world have never been more popular or trendy - beginning in the mid-1960's when hippies first adopted them - followed by the gay community and, later, by members of the punk subculture who famously inserted safety pins through their cheeks as a visible sign of rebellion.

Currently, light body piercing has become more mainstream, even among men, as a sign of one's own individuality. And extreme body piercing is still popular among teens.

Tips on what to look for in a
clean and safe piercing studio :

• Good ventilation and lighting, clean floors, equipment & furniture throughout.

• A separate area & equipment for cleaning & sterilization of instruments.

• Needles used once-only, and the piercer wears disposable gloves at all times.

• A hand basin with taps operated by foot pedals or electronically.

No matter what kind of body piercing jewelry you may be considering - from simple ear studs to multiple nipple rings - there are piercing health & safety issues to be considered before going ahead with what is basically an invasive medical procedure.

Much like advice following a tattoo, infection is the most common alert. Experts always advise that any type of body piercing should only be done in a clean, professionally-run studio. Other precautions to consider are allergies to metal, with surgical stainless steel or titanium among the most nonallergic of metals typically used.

Body piercing after care is also important to avoid complications as the piercing heals, which can be anywhere from weeks to months depending on where the piercing is inserted.

Elsewhere on the Web, see, hear and find out more about the subject at top sites featuring pictures & photo galleries, video clips, visitor comments and experiences on what it's like, along with more tips and advice on health & safety issues surrounding the current craze for body piercing ....

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