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celtic weave tattooLook carefully, and follow the loops around til their end, and discover why Celtic knots are so popular as a tattoo design.

You'll soon see that the strands are never-ending, and continually loop back again from their beginning to symbolize eternal faith, love and loyalty.

Although the practice of Celtic tribal tattooing dates back to millennia, most inspiration for the intricate knot work seen in modern Celtic tattoos is inspired by the medieval Book of Kells , considered to be the hallmark of all Irish illuminated manuscripts.

(And, if you're ever traveling through Ireland, make sure to make a stop to see them on display at Trinity College library in Dublin.)

Celtic knots & spirals can be designed in the shape of crosses, birds, and animals. They can also be incorporated with other popular Irish designs such as four-leaf clovers, shamrocks or Claddagh designs — but buyer beware . While it's always advised that you seek out respected studios and tattoo artists whenever requesting any tattoo design, that goes double for Celtic tattoos.

For the concentration it takes to design and execute properly, a complicated knot work tattoo can be the bane of even the most qualified tattoo artists. So if a studio is upfront about not offering the design, thank them very much for their honesty, and move on.

And, of course, always ask to look at the portfolio of a chosen artist to confirm that they can deliver what they promise in the way of a well-crafted Celtic tattoo design.

For more tips & advice, surf around the Web where you'll find galleries of knot work, spirals, swirls and Celtic cross pictures and choice Irish clip art for inspiration ...

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