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The days of "set up and move"... or drawing pictures one at a time and flipping the papers... are now long gone.

With state of the art computer animation, the lines between reality and fantasy in movies and video games are getting fuzzier, and the tricks and techniques are getting more complex.

Today, the traditional values of Imagination, a sense of color, and great drawing talent are still in high demand, along with a fierce determination to break into the highly competitive field of animation.

So if you've ever dreamed of a job working in animation for Disney, or creating your own animated short for Oscar consideration, you'll need mad skills -- and lots of heart.

Speaking of imagination, think outside the box to consider alternative animation careers such as the lucrative fields of aerospace, health and science, the construction industry, or even fulfilling a demand for animation for the big screen at major league baseball games. These days, you never know where your animation skills might take you.

Just up ahead, check out the latest on the the state of animation around the Web, including where to find forum discussions, downloads, tips, tricks and how tos at the best sites for animation industry info and career resources, equipment, software reviews and more ...

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