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cartoon canineIt may be surprising to learn that the history of cartooning dates back thousands of years.

The first cartoons were drawn on cave walls. Early cartoons were often attempts to educate the public about news events or political policies.

In populations where reading and writing were reserved for the elite, cartoons proved the old adage that a picture was worth a thousand words.

Today, the Sunday "funny papers" or traditional comic books are the first introduction to active reading for school age kids, even as the graphic novel is becoming the mainstream comic book for a whole generation of adults.

Meanwhile, modern publications such as Punch (now defunct) and New Yorker cartoons are still highly regarded for the perceptive skills of their contributing artists.

Today, a world of opportunities exist today for the person with outstanding drawing skills and a unique perspective on the world. Look around and find political cartoonists poking fun at world leaders. Watch as advertising agencies continue to create cute cartoon characters to sell products.

Longing to be a serious cartoonist?

Explore the history and current state of cartooning with your guide to the best sites for comic book art, and political and editorial cartooning industry links and resources...

More about cartooning around the Web:

How to Be a Cartoonist - Check out a brief overview followed by a full online tutorial on breaking in, , submissions, syndicates, and maintaining a successful career in cartooning, courtesy of the National Cartoonists Society.

Comic Art Links Directory - The Yahoo! of comic art searches provides 1,600 resources and counting to artists, resources, conventions, image galleries, publishers and more.

Comic Book Resources - Read weekly columns on humor, industry gossip, news and current issues, plus links and resources, chat and very active forums.

Down the Tubes Guide to Writing Comics - Here's an excellent insider UK-based 'how-to' on breaking in, submissions, copyright information. If you are starting out or need a boost to get your ideas on the table, the tips here will get your creativity in high gear no matter where your drawing board lives....

Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco -
Browse current exhibits and get more links to cartooning organizations, publishers, and plenty of other great resources for anyone who loves cartoons and cartooning.

The Political Cartoon Society - UK-based organization offering cartoon history, listings of exhibitions & events, message board, cartoon gallery, quarterly newsletter, links.

Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
News, convention coverage, history features, online bulletin board, membership information. Check out the contests from such esteemed publications as the Washington Post and other well known media outlets.


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