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Usually considered the most commercial of the commercial arts, graphic design takes an expert eye for color, form and composition.

It also requires ultra-savvy people skills to deal with clients and researchers; the genius of a marketing exec to sell their ideas; and the hide of a crocodile to deal with rejection. As is often quoted within the industry "Graphic design isn’t one job. It’s 20.”

First, you'll want to get a full art degree from an accredited college with focus on graphic design courses. Meantime, you'll also want to spend time building up your portfolio with school projects, with designs from summer internships, or from work you've volunteered for local community organizations.

Graduates fresh out of school usually will take the first graphic design offered them, but might eventually decide to specialize in a specific area. These may include product packaging, brand identity like logo design, signage or posters, Web design or magazine layout.

Think you have what it takes to become a graphic designer?

Just up ahead, check out the best sites for jobs, forums, tutorials, product reviews and related graphic and Web design related information.

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