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For the most part, commercial art is not your usual 9-to-5 job. Neither is finding work a simiple matter of submitting a resume and waiting for the phone to ring.

Commercial artists, especially illustrators, start out as freelancers and -- depending upon their specialization -- may want to join art guilds, professional clubs or art associations to increase their chances for finding work or discovering where the next job might be waiting.

As with most other industries today, finding work mainly depends on strong networking skills and plain old-fashioned "schmoozing" to discover your next gig.

Meanwhile, online resources are a great way to kick-off a great career in commercial art.

Juat up ahead, browse some of the best online resources to search for hundreds of available positions for art directors, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and animators in the U.S. and worldwide.


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Creative Hotlist
Find listings for hundreds of U.S.-based positions in art direction, graphic design, production, and lots more.

Disney Careers - Here's the official mecca for animators and other creatives around the world; offering Q&A, resume tips and database of positions available.

Aquent - Search for jobs in illustration, graphic design, photography, web design and more via a worldwide database.

Coroflot Job Bank -
Discover a searchable database of graphic & Web design positions, plus surf around for feature articles with tips on job searching and career development.

Upwork -
Post a fee-based listing for your freelance graphic, multimedia design, and web development services.

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