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carving of a stylized lion's headWhile often lumped together with fine art sculpture, traditional carving focuses on craftsmanship.

The results are often classified as decorative home pieces or as architectural elements. Most often carved "in relief" (or in two dimensions) pieces created by stone or wood carvers may also be "in the round" with special attention paid to the total 3D aspect of the work.

Stone or wood carvers, just like sculptors, are especially trained in the use of carving tools and techniques in traditions handed down over centuries.

Due to the relative softness of most types of wood (as compared to stone), hand tools are still the primary source of creating decorative wood carvings, although dremels, routers, and other electrified tools may be used for delicate or extremely detailed work.

Woodcarving tools

The following is an illustration of a basic wood carving tool kit: 1. chisel 2. gouge 3. skew 4. parting tool 5. fish tail 6. long bent 7. short bent 8. wood carving knives

woodcarving tools


Stone carving tools

Today, hand tools are still used by traditional stone carvers, although the use of electric and pneumatic tools make speedier work of modern stone carving projects, as seen in this illustration from Trow & Holden, a major stone carving tool supplier:

Trow & Holden stone carving tools

More about wood and stone carving around the Web

The carving trade may be fast dissipating due to the modern use of stone, glass and other materials for decorative or building work, but the traditional skills of stone carvers and wood carvers are still in high demand for building restoration work, as well as for original pieces by discerning crafts enthusiasts.

For the curious or the passionate carver, sharing ideas and seeing what others are carving is both fun and a source of inspiration.

The Web is the best place to find other carvers in wood or stone, as well as tools of the trade, online galleries, and resources for the amateur hobbyist or professional carver working in stone or wood .....

Sculptor.Org - Wood Carving Resources
- Links to wood carvers and sculptors, associations, resources and supplies, tools as well as woodworking supplies and resources.

Chris Pye: Woodcarving - Free newsletter and guides, tutorials, links and resources generously offered up by a professional woodcarver.

Chipping Away - Canadian-based school and resource center featuring free tutorials, chip carving patterns, tips and techniques. - Marble and Stone Carving Section - Links to stone and marble carvers and sculptors, associations, resources; tools and supplies.

Jonathan Hedge - Stonecarver - First-rate work in Cambridge, U.K. viewable in an online slideshow or via clickable thumbnails, with contact info and related resources.

The Stone Foundation - New Mexico-based society of stone masons, carvers and related crafters offering an online gallery, news and related resources.

Soapstone Carving - An online gallery of work, information, resources and recommended books.


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