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Working with clay can be a relaxing, centering hobby, or a passion that can grow into a full-time crafting career.

Whether you throw lopsided pots or produce collectible ceramics, you'll find that you have a lot in common with other crafters who share your love of clay and the act of creating art or useful items from a lump of earth.

Actually, in addition to earthen clays, the most often-used material much favored by many crafters today is polymer clay -- not a clay at all but synthetic material that acts just like the real thing. What's more, polymer clay remains pliable until you "fire" it, requiring temperatures low enough so that a home oven can easily serve as a kiln.

Another relatively new addition on the clay crafting scene is metal clay, made from small bits of metal such as gold, silver, bronze or copper used in making jewelry crafting.

Around the Web, find top sties on the topic and help with finding other clay crafters, along with tools, resources and online galleries.

More information about clay and ceramic crafts around the Web:

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