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sewing machineSewing brings people together online to share successful projects and get tips on the best techniques for the next project.

Online sewing forums are great places to ask questions -- from how to sew on a button to how to finish off a wedding dress.

They'll help you figure out why that silly thread keeps getting tangled and jamming your machine (tension...) or how to make a professionally finished corner on your new homemade drapes before you hang them.

Remember, sewing forums tend to be as much support group and online 'kitchen tables' as places to swap sewing stories, patterns and fabrics... if you want a friend - be a friend. Be polite and you'll be welcome.

Many of the sewing forums have sections for other related crafts like tips on knitting and crochet, streaming video tutorials and professional advice, along with related links, product reviews, online galleries, and more... - Online Sewing Forum - Busy forum run by a sewing machine engineer has discussions on sewing problems, sewing machines, craft projects, fabrics and just about anything related to sewing or needle crafts.

Sewing Mamas - This forum has been online for several years - since 2005 - and has quite a following. That means it's a good place to get answers to your sewing or craft related questions. It's also a bit of a community with birthday notices and sharing patterns. Stop in and add your expertise or ask your questions - no emergency
middle of a project need help NOW - sections, but lots of tutorials. Good amount of traffic in the knitting space..

Inspire - Check out busy discussions on sewing, knitting and other related discussion giving helpful information on techniques and projects. There are thousands of posts or "articles" but a good site search makes finding things pretty simple.

Sewing Pattern - Sew Alongs - forums for sewing on a set theme together with other forum members; Home Decorating - includes patio umbrellas, roman shades, valences and more complex sewing projects; Fitting Woes - if you know what that means, you'll be happy to find help; Beginner's Forum - Where "There is no such thing as a silly question. Ask away" -- and too many other topics to list at this active forum...

also see -> Sewing Patterns for Window Treatments


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