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dance historyGotta dance?

Want to learn more about it?

Learn the steps or find competition postings, discover computer software to change movements into scores...or explore ballroom dancing as it existed in the Middle Ages.

Check out ballet schools, companies, competitions and just about anything else related to dance, including swinging sites on jive, mambo, flamenco or fox trot and waltz.

You'll find sites that bring the past to life with videos and biographies. Information on what defines each style or technique and where to find places to learn and perform. Visit sites about modern and not so very modern dance forms.

Just up ahead, also check out top resources where dancers go to keep up-to-date on listings and invitations for dancing jobs and auditions, information on the health benefits of dancing, and even how dancing is being used as medical rehabilitation ....







Dance Therapy

Dance Jobs & Auditions



History of Dance

Modern Dance


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