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So you think you can dance?

dance competitionEach year, government and professional organizations gather to review the best of dance troupes and/or honor individual dancers.

Local dance schools, community organizations, and educational associations also review top dancing student amateurs with awards of cash prizes for those showing the most promise in dance forms ranging from ballet to ballroom to hip-hop.

Around the Web, check out top sites offering information on choreography and performance competitions with tips on getting ready, information on applications and deadlines, and resources to other professional and amateur dance-offs and contests ...

More about dance contests & awards around the Web:

Dance Magazine
- Online home to the glossy print magazine with the latest news on competitions and "all things dance". - Competitions - Check out the message board with news and postings for international, US national and regional dance competitions including deadlines, competition dates, maps and directions.

American Dance Awards - Registration and information on regional and national competitions, cash scholarships.

Hip Hop International - The latest schedule of USA and international hip hop dance competitions and events, with information on rules and guidelines, registration for training workshops, related resources, photo gallery.

DanceSport - With the spotlight on US ballroom competition with information on the point system, rulebook, competitor guide, and related international resources.

Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) - Competition for ballet and contemporary dance offers scholarships to schools and placement in professional companies. Links to schools and stunning photos.

National Dance Awards Critics Circle - British dance awards with news of the latest winners, past awards and information on award categories including children's and industry awards, related feature stories and resources.

Category: Dance awards - Wikipedia - Portal page to the online encyclopedia's entries on ballet, choreography, Kennedy Center honors, and more.

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