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ballerinaTaking a clue from very word's origin's - balletto, a diminutive of ballo (dance) - ballet as we know it today began as a courtly entertainment during the Italian Renaissance and was closely tied to opera as somewhat of an afterthought.

From there, ballet quickly spread to the royal courts of France and throughout Europe, where by the next century on both Danish and Russian stages ballet was flourishing as an art form.

By the 20th century, ballet was spreading around the world with the emergence of new and growing ballet companies, including London's Royal Ballet (1931) the American Ballet Theatre (1937), the New York City Ballet (1948), the National Ballet of Canada (1951), and the Delhi Ballet (2002).

Although Europe was for centuries thought of as ballet's main pervue, it was Russian-born America choreographer George Ballanchine who pioneered neo-classical ballet in America in the 20th century. Balanchine also worked with modern dance choreographer Martha Graham, expanding his exposure to modern techniques and ideas.

Today, even with revolutionary advances in the dance form, the classical ballet tradition remains a treasured entertainment, with avid ballet fans worldwide regularly lining up for tickets to such famous romantic ballet classics as Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, and the all-time holiday favorite The Nutcracker — the latter probably responsible than any other for introducing young fans to ballet with each successive generation.

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