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ballroom dancing
Interest in ballroom dancing has never been hotter.

In the U.S and U.K., the rise in temperature is the result of such TV hits as "Dancing with the Stars", and "Strictly Come Dancing" which have helped introduce ballroom dancing to a whole new generation.

The history of ballroom dancing dates back to the Renaissance when the royal courts hosted formal dances to set them apart from folk dance festivals enjoyed by mere commoners.

Since then, genteel and graceful dances such as the waltz and the minuet have been joined by more American-style swing (popularized by the famous dancing duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the 20th century). More recently Latin ballroom dancing with driving rhythms and near-acrobatic moves also continue to thrill modern audiences.

Around the Web, you can virtually rumba, Argentine tango, cha-cha, salsa, or waltz the night away with help from these top sites with a wealth of resources for the beginner or the professional.

More about ballroom dancing around the Web:

- Learning new steps, places to go dancing and teachers to help perfect techniques are all covered by this top site. If it has to do with ballroom dancing, you'll find it here.

Salsa & Merengue Society - Video downloads for the dance steps, plus supporting instruction, verbal cues, and tips and tricks to learning the Salsa and Merengue (almost) like a pro.

United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association
- The U.S. National Governing Body for amateur ballroom dancing and DanceSport provides information on local chapters and competitions.

Dancesport UK - Wade through the dance paraphernalia on sale, and make your way over to the right-hand menu for tons of information on ballroom dancing for newcomers, events and competitions, a directory of clubs, photo gallery, related links.

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